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Catered Holiday

How hungry skiers are making their Morzine holidays affordable again! 

We’ve all been there, it’s winter time, the slopes are calling, but the cost of living crisis is forcing everyone to pull the purse strings tight, but the ski bug bites and the slopes are calling!  You’ve got your lift pass reserved, ski hire being delivered to your door, a beautiful chalet on a bus route to take you to the lifts for free, but what happened to all the catered chalet companies??? 

Many Brits are finding this winter that there is a massive shortage of catered chalet companies in the Alps, not to mention the dreaded B-word, but in the last few years the difficulties employing young, keen British ski and snowboard seasonaires has left many British run chalet companies with no option other that to give up on offering catered chalet options altogether! 

So what now?   

Only self catered accommodation options or Airbnb?  Will I be making dinner each night for all our friends?  Does this mean that mum and dad have to carry on the daily routine of breakfast, dress, tidy up and out of the door while on holiday!?  Have you even seen the price of the food in mountain supermarkets??  Do you have time to stop and fork out €15 on a crepe and drink on the way to the mountain, and how long will that fill us up anyway, before having to stop for lunch?  Don’t even get me started on finding a dinner reservation, especially in peak weeks, not to mention the cost of just a burger and chips with a drink, what about a half decent restaurant meal, with a few bottles of wine if we’re feeling plush? 

You’re probably starting to panic, as I was too, until we stumbled upon an emerging industry in Morzine, in the French Alps, where we like to spend our holidays. 


Luckily, some of those young chefs that headed on their ski seasons have set up an interesting solution to the aforementioned woes.  For less than it costs to head to the local crepe stand or burger shack, your friends or family could have a chef come to your accommodation and take care of EVERYTHING!!  Cooked breakfast, fresh baked pastries, unlimited coffees, jams, cereals, bakery bread, a proper start to your morning that will see you through a few hours skiing before even feeling peckish, then home in time for a slice of cake and a cuppa before hitting the hot tub, while the chef comes in to get dinner started!   

Guess what, it’s actually cheaper!!   

If you would like our personalised guide to the best chefs in Morzine, just pop your email address in the box below, we’ve done the research for you and will send you the information you need 

IT’S FREE!!!  

Watch this space!

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